luni, 19 iulie 2010

Gary Moore playlist Bucharest

1. intro (on tape) -Dunluce (instr. from After the War, 1989)
2. Over The Hills and Far Away (from Wild Frontier, 1987)

3. Thunder Rising (from Wild Frontier, 1987)
4. Military Man (from Run for Cover, 1985, composed by Phil Lynott)
5.Days of Heroes (new song, 2010))
6. Where are You Now ? (new song, 2010)
7. Empty Rooms (from Victims of the Future, 1983)
8. A Wild One Thin Lizzy wink and new song for Phil)

9.Blood Of Emeralds (from After the War, 1989)
10. Out in the Fields (from Run for Cover, 1985)
former Thin Lizzy leader and childhood friend Philip Lynott trades vocals with Moore on the album's biggest single "Out in the Fields." Written about the religious turmoil in their native Ireland, it was actually Lynott's final recorded performance before his tragic death. It also presaged the musical and lyrical Irish themes which would dominate Moore's future work.

11. Still Got The Blues (title track, 1990)
12. Walking By Myself (from Still Got The Blues, 1990)
12. Parisienne Walkaways (from Back on the Streets, 1979, composed by Phil Lynott)

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