marți, 13 iulie 2010

Iron Maiden-The Final Frontier (1st new album video)

IRON MAIDEN are delighted to announce the premiere of the "Director's Cut" video for the title track from their new album, 'THE FINAL FRONTIER '. The album is due for release on August 16th and the video is an edit of the opening song on the album, entitled 'Satellite 15... The Final Frontier'.

The video was produced by award-winning production company Darkside Animation Films. Darkside's creative team includes animators who've created effects for feature films including 'Lost in Space', 'Gladiator' and 'Black Hawk Down'. The script was written by the director of BBC Radio's 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy', and the live action was co-ordinated and directed by Nick Scott Studios.

The Final Frontier - Director's Cut

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As well as working round the clock to turn out over three months of animation in eight weeks flat, the Darkside team developed entirely new technology to bring to life as never before Iron Maiden's mascot, EDDIE, in his new alien incarnation. A total of 141 shots combined live action with integrated CGI as well as full 3D animation, resulting in a complete running time of five minutes - that's over seven thousand frames, taking up to half an hour to render each frame!

Intriguingly, some of the integral footage was shot at Rendlesham Forest in Southern England, which is associated with The Rendlesham Forest Incident due to a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights and alleged landing of a craft of unknown origin.

videoclip destul de chul, horror sf, cu elemente din Alien si chiar Indy, cu Eddie reimaginat horror
see ya in Cluj !!! album out on Aug. 16th

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