luni, 11 ianuarie 2016

David Bowie has left the planet...

unexpected. or not. for the moment I am too shattered to write extensively about it. Saw him live twice in 2003, on the Reality tour, in Germany and France (thanks, Arne, hello Enne, Melanie ) just the year before he had the heart attack on stage, and afterwards kinda retired or paced down.
Still coping with Lemmy's demise, just saw yesterday nite his funeral service (wow), and in the morning, past Golden Globes, got the shattering news. Bowie was 69 on Jan. 8th, the realase date of his latest (now, last) album, Blackstar ( * ). He died of cancer Sunday January 10th, the birthday of my dear friend and bro from the land of the midnight sun, Terje, turning 50, a huge Bowie friend and foe, and the one who got me into the most meaningful conversations about him and his work. For me, except the actor that I cherished, he was also the saviour of Iggy and Lou Reed, in their times of trouble, the Cat People anthemic "with the Gasoline", The Width of a circle and Be my Wife. The man Who Fell to Earth.

about Bowie, the film star, from Guardian

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) !

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  1. Ah, cat te invidiez ca l-ai vazut in concert. Such a bad monday.

  2. Observ că fără ocultism nu se poate răzbi în industria muzicală.Parcă toți sunt obsedați de cunoașterea ascunsă,Crowley,Thelema,Kabbalah,Golden Dawn,masonry,etc.etc.Oare de ce?
    Nice drawing of the kabbalistic Tree of Life..