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Alien: Covenant (2017)

After Prometheus (my review here-in Romanian !) Ridley is back to the Alien series with a third film. 
I wrote BEFORE in Cinemap in a piece on this years's most anticipated films:
"This year Ridley Scott will be 80 and it's 38 years since Alien. I hope sir Ridley will not fail and the movie will contiune the series further from  Prometheus. To be a sequel and not a remake. The trailer put me off a bit, where are the days of a subtle trailer like the 1st Alien, whose slogan was „In Space No one Can Hear You Scream”. Here the slogan is RUN."
and HIDE !

the Covenat is SPOT ON. Great sequel to PROMETHEUS.  Filled with Xenomorphs. And thinking man's philosophy of gods and (im)mortality.
Original title Alien: Paradise Lost would've been more of a spoiler as John Milton's quotes are used: "Better to rule..."
Danny McBride is great in his 1st dramatic role and Michael Fassbender is spellbinding as David & Walter (names coming from exec prods David Giler and Walter Hill !!!). Great art design and dark, bleak, by Chris Seagers, former Tony Scott collaborator ! All the Giger shades are there !

Great score by newcomer Jed Kurzel (Snowtown, Macbeth, Assasin's Creed) with homages to Jerry Goldmith's Alien and Harry Gregson-Williams's Prometheus. Plus Wagner's  Rheingold and...John Denver !
Waiting now for the THIRD part, already announced, shooting starts in 14 months.
**** /8 OUT OF 10
CLUES: BLADE RUNNER -from the opening eye, Dr. STRANGELOVE, 2001, OZZYMANDIS poem by Shelley.
Here are some extra scenes that enlarge the mythology and story:
-The Last Supper Clip
-the alternate beginning/prologue:  

-Birth of Walter (from min.1):

Bonus: VR Experience: IN UTERO
"As acts of creation go, Scott has made an “Alien” movie for that segment of the audience that has always rooted for the monster."

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