luni, 1 mai 2017

Replace (2017)

A new body horror in 1st film from German director Norbert Keil is my 1st movie at BIFFF 35 *(in competition}, a stylish dramatic viral love story that has to do with the fear and doom of aging. Richard Stanley (Hardwire, Dust Devil) contributes to creepy, slick script. Rebecca Forsythe is in the lead role, an amnesiac with a recurring mummyskinlike eczema that can be cured by new fresh skin and flesh.

Shades of Repulsion, Croneberg themes, N W Refn's Neon Demon, The Hunger,  photographic inspiration from Dario Argento by dop Tim Kuhn with a very low budget, atmospheric music reminiscent of John Carpenter's The Thing, Halloween, plus stylish piano works a la Hunger, Satie's Gimnosfere and Chopin.  Veteran horror queen Barbara Crampton (Re-animator)  is supporting as doctor Crober.
3 1/2
*hope you'll get to see this in Dracula Film Festival Competition this fall in Brasov, Transylvania

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