miercuri, 10 mai 2017

Michael Parks RIP

To-day 10 May mr. Michael Parks left the movies and the planet. He was 77.
 Just saw the begininig of From Dusk Til Dawn on Netflix  a few days ago, I haven't seen it since it came out I guess, I was noticing Parks in the opening scene, and then now, opening the imdb, blam....:( A character actor par excelence, with way over 100 films on his resume, Parks was Tarantino and Kevin Smith's favourite bit player. Tusk, Red State, Django Unchained. Ambroice Bierce in From Dusk til Dawn 3, Texas Ranger Earl McGraw in Kill Bill and in the "Grindhouse" pictures. Also a country music performer. Also in Twin Peaks series.
Last film I've seen him in, Blood Father, last year in Cannes midnight screenings.
Article in USA Today with tribute from Robert Rodriguez.

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