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Powers Boothe RIP

Bill Paxton, Michael Parks, now Powers Boothe -2017 it's getting a sad list for heavyweights, grand actors of cult films for the 70's generation. Boothe was an excellent actor, texan and he would've been 69 on June 1st. It's reported he died in his sleep. He was playing heavyweights in Walter Hil''s films (Extreme Prejudice)  up to senators in Sin City . Villain in Sudden Death (the biggest Van Damme vehicle next to Time Cop).
Brillinat as the lead in SOUTHERN COMFORT (1981), still one of the best films unknown to audiences, great in Red Dawn, A Breed Apart, the father in Emerald Forest, Tombstone,  U Turn, Nixon !
I saw him face to face at the Kevin Costner & Modern West concert in Bucharest, when they were filming here The Hatfields and McCoys.

His 1st major role was as Rev. Jim Jones in the TV movie  Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980 TV Movie). Director: William A. Graham 
More TV in Philip Marlowe: Private Eye (1983-1986), up to 24, Nashville, Deadwood, and last in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (via Avengers).
Saw this winter again on dvd Southern Comfort to celebrate Walter Hill's 70the Birthday. Then Bill Paxton died and I re-saw Frailty (2001) which he directed and Boothe is the FBI agent McConaughey tells his mad yarn. Then just last week when Rambo was on TV I was looking at Richard Creena's colonel Trautman and remembered Boothe's parodic take on the role in McGruber  as colonel Faith !
Variety article here !

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