marți, 1 februarie 2011

news...more like bad weather :(

as my friend Snake said:
More things change, more they stay the same
sau in vorbele lui Teddy-ManofRiviera:
c'mon man this is bullshit !

1. Javier Bardem-bad guy sau second lead in Bond 23 ! cmon, si regia Sam Mendes, ok, fata de alti hacks, un hack se da pe fata-M beauty on the road to perdition giving jameshead-
2. Stephen King's The Stand turned into a movie (what even a 6 hour miniseries -1994, Mick Garris-couldn't do justice to the book -now what ?-and Darabont is doing The Walking Dead, so who else is gonna do it ?
3. Ron Howard directing Dark Tower series (again Stephen King) and asked Javier bardem for Roland ? cmon man, Bardem nici nu poate vorbi engleza fara accent, si Ron Howard ? this si gonna suck :( The Gunslinger era the Duke sau Clint, dati-l Dude-ului, he can take it !!!
4. Henry Cavill as Superman ! I couldn't care less ! and Donner's Supe is still best (ca tot a implinit Lex Luthor 81 de ani, retired too)
conchid in vorbele lui Kenny Powers:
Fuck You Motherfuckers
Hollywood ass-holes :-)

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