duminică, 6 februarie 2011

RIP Gary Moore !!!!!!!

Details are yet to be released, but Gary Moore apparently died in his sleep in the early hours of this morning while on holiday in Spain. He was just 58.

nu mi-a venit sa cred ! Gary Moore, mort in Spania, in camera de hotel, la numai 58 de ani !!! Situl lui confirma ! I'm still in shock ! 6 februarie e in continuare a day that will live in infamy!! Abia acum 7 luni l-am vazut bine, mersi, la Bucuresti dupa aminarea din 2004 ! unul din concertele anului si Gary, unul din eroii totali ai adolescentei mele, aka 1983-2003, nu i-am mai urmarit cariera de blues dupa After Hours si doar A Different Beat (1999)m-a mai scos din amorteala. Si albumul BBM !
cronica mea la concertul din 2010 aici si link la postarile despre el !!
am tras piese intregi pe care le-am pus pe youtube...
ascult WISHING WELL si tot albumul din 1982, Corridors of Power si ma uit la obituary-ul de pe yahoo/associated press. Anume Thin Lizzy guitarist...
comment-urile sunt mai pline de bun simt decit articolul, care nu stie sa mentioneze mai nimic dintr-o cariera legendara, unul din cei mai mari chitaristi ai lumii, specialist in finger vibrato !!!
like this one who says it all:
The man was a genius on guitar. Too bad mainstream media didn't have a clue who he was, and showered fluff publicity by the boatload upon much lesser talents whilst almost ignoring him completely. Gary Moore was always about the music and not on seeking the spotlight and fawning publicity. His legacy is his impressive recorded works; it's a shame so many people haven't heard of him. If you have any knowledge of musicianship, you know of his exploits. If you've never heard of him, your knowledge of music is pretty much non-existent.

thank you for the music and the good times, Gary !!! a great friend is gone, but not forgotten ! o sa ne astepte zile grele, atunci cind toti eroii au sa fie doar amintirea !!!

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