miercuri, 1 februarie 2023

Top Soundtracks 2022

new composers (Michael Abels, Colin Stetson), as the old Usual Suspects :)-Burwell, Zimmer, Pemberton, Desplat, Holkenborg, Elfman, Reznor/ the order is not ascending or descending...

The Top of the 2022 Films is here.

The Top of the 2022 music albums is here.

Babylon-Justin Horwitz

Elvis -VA

Nope-Michael Abels

Top Gun: Maverick -Va incl. Harold Faltemeyer, Hans Zimmer 

Bones and All-Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

The Menu-Colin Stetson

See How They Run-Daniel Pemberton (sounding like Desplat for Wes Anderson's GBH)

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio-Alexandre Desplat

3000 years of Longing-Tom Holkenborg (very unusual and elegiac underscore for TH)

Slow Horses(TV)  w Mick Jagger/Daniel Pemberton's song Strange Game

no Nick Cave & Warren Ellis for Blonde- too hard to digest score and film...I wouldn't have recognised ever it's Cave... 

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