vineri, 5 iunie 2009

Friday on My Mind

a 8-a zi de cind sunt la Cluj, si azi n-am vazut nici un film, closed industry screenings pe dvd sau beta sau nefinalizate, am mari probleme cu cinema-urile Victoria si republica, flame and citron avea un ciriit pe sunet de m-a spart, ecranul la Victoria e mocirlos, neclar si murdar, la Arta nici macar n-am calcat,
iar mallul e mare si confortabil dar la mama draq si non-eventful, te simti inafara orasului...aseara la Diesel toata lumea s-a facut muci including me, myself und ich, si ploaia is back odata cu premiera la Terminator Savation, pe care aveam chef sa-l vad, asa ca party pe deal la frig si rain on me again...
azi vad pentru prima ora un Romanian imdb Box office report pe prim pagina la studio briefing, sad but true cum zic Lars (Ulrich) & co...

Romanian Films Winning Awards, Few Viewers In Romania
4 June 2009 2:47 AM, PDT

Many Romanian films that have received top honors at film festivals internationally are not performing well at the box office in Romania itself, the website reported Wednesday. The biggest hit of the year in that country, the website observed, was the Hollywood feature Yes Man, which sold 90,524 tickets, followed by Fast and Furious 4 (overseas title) with 88,794. By contrast, the top-drawing Romanian film, Weekend With My Mother drew just 4,144 moviegoers and The Happiest Girl in the World, which won the special C.I.C.A.E. award at the Berlin Film Festival this year, has sold only 1,300 tickets. And the latest Romanian film to hit local theaters, Carol I, has sold just 642 tickets.

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