vineri, 26 iunie 2009

Michael Jackdon is dead...

but Keith is still alive...kinda ironic, isn't it...
cardiac arrest ! daca azi trebuia sa ma duc la job boicotam, cos the king of pop-sicle, is dead, la 50, tocma trebuia sa bage un turneu pe care nu-l vroia nime, ca era broke...thriller nites, am comemorat azi noapte cu paraipan & co, wining and shit, also Farah Fawcett died, the press must have a field day, Ryan O'Neal is unhappy, she had the worst kind of cancer, anal, they were not a very happy family, daughter died, son's a junkie, si de fapt e o veste mai trista decit cea cu michael jackson, care era previzibila demult, la fel ca anna nicole smith, it was the best thing that could happened to the human freak, l-am vazut in 1996 cind a aselenizat a doua oara la Bucharest, Beat

Earlier this month, family insider Arthur Phoenix told WENN the superstar was in a bad way and should not be considering a 50-concert run in London, scheduled to start in July.

He insisted the concerts would not happen, stating, "Michael is not mentally, physically or spiritually ready for these shows. There's something missing in his soul... It's over! There are family members who feel the same way but they're afraid to speak."

Phoenix fears the pressure of the comeback and the upcoming shows have taken their toll on the 50 year old.

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