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Wonderwall (1968)

un curio, o raritate si unul din cele mai interesante filme pshihedelice to get out of Swinging London. Regizat de Joe Massot (of The Song Remains the Same fame), cu muzica de George Harrison (si contributii de la Eric Clapton la Ringo Starr si grupul Remo Four), cu primul soundtrack care a fost scos de Apple.

Story de Gerard Brach, scenariu de G. Cabrera Infante, romancierul cubanez care a scris si The Lost City, adaptat de Andy Garcia, si Vanishing Point ! Wonderwall e zidul despartitor al profesorului mad scientist Oscar Collins (Jack MacGowran, excelent, excentric, maad !!),

unde s-a mutat un top model; Penny Lane (Jane Birkin, hot!) care traieste viata de party a Swinging London. Fotograful cu care are o relatie, creditat ca Young Man, este Iain Quarrier, care a jucat cu MacGowarn in Cul-de-sac si Fearless Vampire Kilelrs, filiatia Polanki-Brach fiind cea care l-a adus pe MacGowran in film. Dudley Moore a jucat o variatie a rolului in Ten, sau Seven Year Itch sau tipice Peter Sellers (I love you Alice B.Toklas) dar aici comedia se suprapune cu tragedia, satira si psihedelia, far out man !

DVD-ul remasterat, cu director's cutul lui Massot contine si un filmuletz al sau de 11 min despre Swingin London, Reflections on Love, cu un nou soundtrack de Kula Shaker.

restul extraurilor sunt cam scurte si cam cioace, plus un poem ciudat de John Lennon, care nu stiu ce legatura avea cu productia.

Dar dvdul e out of print anyway, so, noroc ca l-a facut cinematik movie of the week !
7 din 10, 3 1/2 din 5 !

si ca veni vorba de Jane Birkin, actrita care o juca in biopicul lui Serge Gainsbourg cu Doug Jones, s-a sinucis in timp ce eram la Cannes ! Lucy Gordon was her name, just another Penny Lane !!!

French police have opened an investigation into the suicide of actress Lucy Gordon.

The British actress - who appeared in movies including Spider-Man 3, Frost and Serendipity - was found dead at her Paris apartment on Wednesday, just two days before her 29th birthday.

The Times of London reported on Thursday that Gordon hanged herself. Her body was found at her apartment at la Rue des Petites Ecuries after her boyfriend, who was reportedly asleep in the apartment when Gordon killed herself, alerted a nearby shopkeeper.

The actress is believed to have been devastated after the recent suicide of a close friend in the U.K.

Gordon's father, Richard, spoke out on Friday, to put an end to speculation over the circumstances of 28-year-old Gordon's death by confirming two suicide notes had been found at her Paris home - one written to her parents and the other outlining her wishes for the disposal of her estate.

He said: "There is no question of foul play. Lucy committed suicide."

Gordon recently finished filming on a biopic of singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg in which she played British actress Jane Birkin. Trailers for the movie were shown at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week

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