vineri, 12 iunie 2009

They really killed Bill ?

Carradine ucis de mafia asiatica ?

Carradine's Ex Calls For Thorough Police Investigation
11 June 2009 6:30 PM, PDT

David Carradine's third wife is convinced foul play is responsible for her husband's death in Thailand - and there are clues about the actor's demise in the way he was bound and hanged.

Gail Jensen has urged investigators to look at the evidence in the hotel room closet, where Carradine's dead, naked body was found by a maid last week.

Like many friends of the star, Jensen believes Carradine was killed before he could expose the truth about Asian warlords - a mission the actor felt was all his.

Jensen, who ended her nine year marriage to Carradine in 1997, tells Radar Online she's sure her ex-husband's death was a cover-up.

She says, "Killing himself with a yellow band, now that means something and only the Bangkok police can find that one out."

Jensen insists a decade-old grudge is responsible for the tragedy: "He got in touch with the wrong people."

An initial autopsy report carried out by Thai coroners reveals Carradine died from a sudden lack of oxygen; his body showed no signs of struggle. An independent autopsy has ruled out suicide.

ma uit la Natural Selection, un indie satire incare David e excelent si weird, liitle movie with funny undertones

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