miercuri, 19 ianuarie 2011

Johnny Depp face un documentar depre Keith Richards !

IFC raporteaza, citind Entertainment Weekly, ca Depp, infatuat cu Keef l-a prins si l-a filmat timp de citeva zile (Dariusz Wolski DOP), si totul va face parte dintr-un documentar extraordinar, candid...
“It’s coming along great. Any time that he’s got a minute, any time I’ve got a minute. We’ve done one, let’s say, installment that was fairly intense. We shot for a few days, and we got 35 hours of footage. That’s me and Keith sitting and talking in a room that’s very, you know, apropos of Keith. We’re sitting on couches, having a drink, and talking.”

va amintesc ca Depp a debutat in regie cu filmul The Brave, in 1997, cu muzica de Iggy Pop si un cameo extraordinaire Marlon Brando!

talk about friends (not of Eddie Coyle :-) and friend-ship ! Keef apare cu Depp (din nou) in Piratii din Caraibe IV (in 3D !) si Depp zice ca filmul e: "a cross between The Godfather and a painting by Caravaggio. It’s really something to see Keith in that atmosphere.”
looking forward !

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