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grindhouse redux

11 aprilie 2007
a iesit omagiul b-ului si z-ului tarantino/rodriguez , Grindhouse.

flop de flop, 11,6 mil. $ opening weekend, double bill, doua filme plus trailer false la mijloc. Se pare ca multi dintre spectatori au iesit dupa primul film/segment din sala. Mega fratele Weinstein a hotarit sa imparta filmul in doua, exact din motive inverse fata de kill bill. la noi oricum e anuntat ca premiere separate, planet terror (rodriguez) si Death proof (tarantino), ambele lungite in productie ca durata, din motive de succes sin sitice si killbillesti.

asa cum scrie, the highly pare ca nu (on second though no, via jar jar)

poate nu era cazul sa faca opening de Pasti....sau poate ca audienta nu e desul de sofisticata pentru arthouse trash...cum zice tarnat-ula, "e piesa mea Eugene O'Neill, cu gagici (with hot chicks)", cool mr Sahkespeare re-incarnated...

'Grindhouse' Patrons Not Getting Money's Worth

Some moviegoers who bought tickets to see the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino "double bill" Grindhouse were apparently unaware that the feature comprised two separate movies -- and walked out after the first one, Rodriguez's Planet Terror, ended, published reports said today (Tuesday). "I don't think people understood what we were doing," Weinstein told today's New York Post. "The audience didn't get the idea that it is two movies for the price of one." The walk-outs could offer another partial explanation for the film's disappointing performance at the box-office. Most critics agreed that the second movie, Tarantino's Death Proof, was the superior of the two. Daily Variety also reported that The Weinstein Co. is overhauling its ad campaign but will be facing stiff competition next weekend when seven -- count 'em, seven -- new films open. The Post added that the company is also considering re-releasing the two movies as separate offerings in longer versions, as it had already decided to do overseas and on DVD.

'Grindhouse' To Be Split in Two?

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is planning to re-release Grindhouse as two separate films - after the double-bill flopped at the box office. The film, a double-feature directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez made just $11.6 million in its opening weekend in the US. Producer Weinstein is disappointed - and thinks Tarantino's Death Proof, starring Kurt Russell, and Rodriguez' Planet Terror, with Rose McGowan, will perform better on their own. He tells, "I don't think people understood what we were doing. The audience didn't get the idea that it is two movies for the price of one. I don't understand the math, but I want to accommodate the audience."

culmea e, in schimb, pe imdb, fanii hardcoristi au dus cu voturile lor filmul pe locul 108 din top 250 (si sa vedem unde va ajunge mai incolo)...dar ideea ca n-o sa vad filmul cum trebuie ci impartit in doua, si fara megatrailerele false pe care le mega-astept mai tare ca grind si ca house...numai ginditi-va la Udo Kier in "Werewolf Women of the SS"si un cameo Bruce Willis ma bun ca DieHard 4.0. 300, cu tot hype-ul lui, nici n-a intrat in top 250. Poate in top 300.

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