duminică, 3 decembrie 2017

Detroit (2017)

Kathryn Bigelow's new film is a painful rendition of a terifying event in American history that is still actual and relevant !
The Algiers motel murders during the Detroit riots on the night of July 25th 1967.
50 years later Detroit still shakes & rattles !
Great ensemble cast and three act-structure -written by Marc Boal (two times Oscar winner for Hurt Locker and nominated for Zero Dark Thirty).
Act 2 plays like a most nightmarish American Horror Story, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets home invasion of The House on the Left and Straw Dogs, jut that those are film references. It's a racist Night of the Long Knives, or Manson sect episode, a night that will live in infamy !

shot mostly hand-held by Barry Ackroyd, Ken Loach's DOP, on his second collaboration with Bigelow after The Hurt Locker, edited wonderfully (here's an article on that) , it;s a serios contender for the Oscars on these categories, plus production design -Jeremy Hindle, Bigelow's second collaboration after Zero Dark Thirty.
Detroit Poster
One of the year's best and a must-see !
4 out of five / 8 out of 10 !

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