miercuri, 6 decembrie 2017

Top Films of 2017 -Sight and Sound !

Sight and Sound dixit :

1, Get Out -Jordan Peel -in Romanian theaters in April
2. Twin Peaks The Return -controversial if its TV series why there ?
my top TV series this year, my tops will be published soon here ! and in the winter Cinemap magazine, all together with a nunch of people !

3. Call Me By Your Name =Luca Guagardino (saw it at America Independent Film fest in Buch)
4. Zama +Lucrecia Martel
5. Western (1st film i saw in Cannes this year-UCR)
6. “Faces Places”
7. “Good Time”
8. “Loveless”
9. “Dunkirk”
9. “The Florida Project”
11. “A Ghost Story”
12. “You Were Never Really Here”
12. “BPM”
12. “Lady Macbeth”
14. “God’s Own Country”
14. “The Shape Of Water”
16. “Let The Sunshine In”
16. “Mudbound” =netflix
16. “Strong Island”
16. “I Am Not Your Negro”
16. “Personal Shopper”
Indie wire also named Get Out best film. Their list here 

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