vineri, 1 decembrie 2017

Most Beautiful Island (2017)

Most Beautiful Island (2017) is one of the interesting films of this year which you won't seee in a cinema near you. Presented in festivals, awarded at SXSW & distributed by Orion (which came back i see) & Samuel Goldwyn films.
Ana Asenio is a director whose debut is very powerful. She is also a courageous actress. She is Spanish but the film is shot in New York, on the mean streets. She is Luciana, a struggling immigrant who finds a job at a mystery party.
A realistically shot thriller, which reminded me a a bit of  13 Tzameti (the original), but in colors, and with feminity and feminism.
3 1/2 or 7 out of 10 !

Most Beautiful Island (2017) e unul din filmele interesante de anul acesta pe care nu le puteti vedea in cinema. Prezentat in festivaluri, premiat la SXSW si distribuit de Orion (care vad ca au revenit !)
Ana Asenio e o regizoare debutanta de mare forta, si o actrita si mai si. Ea este spaniola dar filmul e filmat in New York, on the mean streets, despre Luciana (Asenio), o emigranta cu probleme financiare care isi gaseste o slauba la o petrecere misterioasa.
Un thriller filmat realist, care aduce un pic cu 13 Tzameti (originalul), dar in culori, cu femininatae si feminism.
3 1/2 din 5, 7 din 10 !

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