luni, 4 aprilie 2011

primul show live al lui Charlie Sheen -panic in Detroit!!!

(titlul dupa piesa lui Bowie, duuuh )
cum aaltfel decit infam ? sa zici crack jokes in Detroit ?
check this one out !!!
wow ! au platit de la 100 la aproape 5000 de $ si au plecat cu buza umflata !
the violent torpedos of truth nu au fost decit farts in most of their faces !
Duh-repet ! Duh !

Come on, guys. You paid to see me,You gave me your hard-earned money without knowing what this fuckin' show was about. I'm here now ... and I'm willing to open up."
(Sheen pe scena)
19 more dates coming up with NY Radio Hall sold out !
Knock'em dead Charlie Warlock DNA :) You're tri-winning anyway ;->!

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