miercuri, 5 octombrie 2011

adevarata Melancolie a lui Lars Von Trier

in timpul festivalului de la Cannes anul asta LVT a facut niste remarci considerate naziste. Drept urmare l-au exclus pe viata din festival si expulzat de pe teritoriul Palais-ului..Francezii care l-au aparat pe Polanski nu au suportat o gluma nesarata a danezului care a zis ca-l apreciza oarecum pe Hitler, sau mai degraba ca-l intelege...azi LVT a dat o declaratie care a aparut pe situl revistei Empire:

"Today at 2pm I was questioned by the Police of North Zealand in connection with charges made by the prosecution of Grasse in France from August 2011 regarding a possible violation of prohibition in French law against justification of war crimes."

"The investigation covers comments made during the press conference in Cannes in May 2011. Due to these serious accusations I have realized that I do not possess the skills to express myself unequivocally and I have therefore decided from this day forth to refrain from all public statements and interviews."

Lars von Trier

Avedøre, 5. October 2011

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