marți, 18 octombrie 2011

Ian McShane despre Johnny Depp, Zappa, Timothy Carrey

When I spoke to Johnny Depp earlier this year he said that, while making On Stranger Tides, the pair of you bonded over a shared love of Captain Beefheart.
Yeah. Johnny’s got quite quirky, eclectic musical tastes and so do I. I’m a huge fan of [Frank] Zappa and Beefheart. Johnny’s very versed in that time. We were talking about a very brilliant but erratic American actor called Timothy Carey. He was in Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing but he was clearly off his trolley. And he made this film, The World’s Greatest Sinner. I’d never seen it. Johnny said,”I’ve got to get you this movie.” And he sent it to me. It’s a wacko film. And who did the music for it? Frank Zappa. I just started his biography again, Zappa. I was reading it and it was one of those funny things that came out of nowhere. He wrote the music for The World’s Greatest Sinner.

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