joi, 6 octombrie 2011

RIP Charles Napier

in timp ce toata lumea vorbeste despre moartea lui Steve Jobs la 56 de ani, in aceiasi zi (5 oct.) a murit un mare character actor, tough as nails, Charles Napier, am aflat de pe MUBI care comenteaza:

"Roger Ebert referred to him as 'that character actor with a smile like Jaws,'" recalls Tom Stockman, passing along the news that Charles Napier as died at the age of 75. "Russ Meyer recognized that his cartoonish grin and jutting chin made a perfect complement to the bigger-than-life women he cast in his films so gave Napier his first starring roles in Cherry, Harry & Raquel, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (both 1970) and Supervixens (1975)…. Jonathan Demme cast Napier in his films frequently and everyone remembers him as the ill-fated Lt Boyle, charged with guarding Hannibal Lecter in that cage in Silence of the Lambs (1991)."
Mie mi s-a parut mereu ca seamana cu Dick Miller, si ca prezenta, si prestatie :) folosit de Jonathan Demme in filmele sale la fel ca Miller in cele ale lui Joe Dante. Ei sunt old school Roger Corman graduates, Napier a inceput cu Russ Meyer. Actorul avea 75 de ani.
site oficial aici

si un interviu genial si exhaustiv pe avclub. mai ales despre Russ Meyer, despre cum l-a angajat Hitchcok la Universal, prietenul sau Hunter Thompson, John Landis si John Belushi -a jucat in Blues Brothers-"That’s several months of my life I don’t remember"
-Rambo (a fost nemesisul lui Stallone in Rambo: First Blood Part II) si Menahem Golan !
It all started from years ago, when I did a starring role with Stallone. He was the only actor that ever said, “If I ever make it, man, I’ll help you.” And he did. And Lee Marvin was a pal of mine, and when that role came up, Lee was supposed to do it, but he was in Australia. He said, “You can have it, tell them to pay me off.” And that’s how I got that role. (...) I’ve made 30 films out of the country that nobody will ever see, with Menahem Golan, and I can’t even remember the names of ’em. I made them in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bulgaria, Russia, Argentina, Panama, you name it.
(.....) Menahem was a great guy. He must have been in his late 70s when I was working with him. We used to go to these Eastern Bloc countries where you could literally carry your money around in suitcases and buy your way day by day. And this old guy was ready to do that. We hit up a relationship. Golan-Globus fell apart. He wanted me to come back to Belarus one last time, and I said, “Menahem, I can’t take Belarus anymore, man.” He goes, “That’s okay, Charlie, I still love ya.” He also loved Oliver Reed for some reason. We were his two favorite actors, I guess.

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