luni, 10 octombrie 2011

Drive-the lawsuit !

only in America ! din nou se dovedeste ca realitatea depaseste fictiunea !
o femeie din Michigan a intentat proces producatorilor filmului Drive, anume Film District.
dupa dark horizons:
Sarah Deming has filed a lawsuit against "Drive" distributors FilmDistrict and her local theatre Emagine Novi for using a "misleading trailer" to get her to see the film according to Click on Detroit. Seems that Miss Deming expected "Drive" to be more akin to "Fast and Furious" rather than the retro art house drama with minimal actual driving that was the Nicolas Winding Refn-directed project. While she may have object, "Drive" is currently one of the best reviewed films of the year. Deming also claims that the film features "extreme gratuitous defamatory dehumanizing racism directed against members of the Jewish faith" and plans to turn her individual lawsuit into a class action suit next week. FilmDistrict didn't comment on the story, an Emagine theatres spokesperson called it an extremely frivolous lawsuit.

acesta e trailerul care a indus in eroare femeia !
dupa cum zice un user :
Well this is excellent news. I have an ex-girlfriend that used to wear (probably still does) a push up bra to make her breasts look bigger. Imagine how "mislead" I felt when I found out the truth! According to Ms. Deming, I should be able to sue for false advertisement.

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