joi, 4 septembrie 2008

Starship Troopers (noul DVD Blue Ray)

unul din cel mai blamate filme cind a aparut si un formidabil flop, dar de atunci considerat super-subversiv si film cult instant, am revazut de curind pe Blue ray Hollow Man si indiferent cit de tare ma deranjeaza ultimele 15 minute stiu ca Verhoeven n-a mai putut face nimic pentru a a apara proiectul, si asa are ca protagonist un uber bad guy, violent, sociopat si obesdat sexual...
dar ma gindesc cum a fost cind in 1997 a vindut conceptul de Beverly Hills 91125 sau ce numeral o fi, pentru a crea premonitorii nazisti americani, atit de valabili dupa 11 septembrie.
iata un citat extrem de intresant, instructiv si actual din cronica de DVD de pe Dvd savant:
"Starship Troopers has taken on a new life post- 9/11, with extremist claims that a secret government conspiracy purposely made the World Trade Center Towers fall. That irrational notion is prefigured in Troopers by the suspicion that the Bugs really can't shoot meteors all the way to Earth, and that the meteor that destroys Buenos Aires was actually launched by the Federation to justify its all-out assault on the Bugs. No outright evidence in the movie supports this, although the vast distance between here and Klendathu (Federation ships go into hyperspace to make the trip) makes Bug-launched meteors seem impossible. With writer Ed Neumeier involved, there's little doubt that the suggestion of a faked Bug attack was intentional. The Brain Bugs treat their millions of Bug warriors as expendable, a philosophy shared by our own corporate powers with their "human resources" policies."

Stiu ca doiul la Troopers e un gunoi dar se pare ca treiul (Starship Troopers 3: Marauder) ar putea fi cel putin interesant si cu siguranta peste dezamagitorul Mutant Chronicles.

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