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recuperari: The Island (1980)

The Island (1980)
tagline: For 300 years, a terrifying secret has been kept from the outside world.

warning in cronica din cinefantastique:
If you say that you enjoyed this film, you’d better be prepared with a good reason. Look in any edition of those Leonard Maltin movie guides and you’ll rarely see this film rate more than 1½ stars, and I can guarantee you that the interns Maltin has chained up in the basement haven’t ever seen a frame of it.
si da, a fost nominalizat la RAZZIE pt cel mai prost regizor si cel mai prost actor !

o epava meagcool facuta de Albert Whitlock si Bill Taylor !!!

Michael Caine si piratii lui David Warner (nici o legatura cu Warner Bros., filmul e Universal)

foarte violent pentru standardele de azi, relatia incorect politica dintre Caine si fiul sau, wow ! o chestie tare in film, la un moment dat piratii ataca un vas si pe el e cocaina, aruncata pe jos, calcata in picioare. Caine o vede si intrebat ce e, zice, "its a drug",. "What does it do ?", e intrebat din nou, "Cures insecurity !" cool !
Ritchie a fost un regizor interesant (Downhill Racer, Candidatul, Prime Cut) inainte sa colapsese la comedii de kk (desi un curio ca Golden Child mai rar!), Island se incadreaza si la categoria satira. Muzica lui Ennio Morricone, excelenta !!! dupa cartea lui Peter Benchey, imi pre rau ca nu l-am vazut cind eram copil, i wouldve loved it (v. cronia excelenta pe kindertrauma ! bine ca la noi a fost the deep, dar nici jaws si nici the island, desi 2 starvehicles ale lui Caine au rulat, Beyond the Poseidon adventure si Roiul / The Swarm, dar nu si Ashanti ! si mai copios caine a jucat in jaws-the revenge !

meniu dvd koch media

despre DVD de pe cinefantastique:
Assessing the true worth of THE ISLAND has been impossible, as the film hasn’t been seen in its original Panavision ratio since its theatrical engagement. Universal owns the film and has shown no interest in a US DVD release, but for those with all-region/PAL capable players Koch has released a beautiful, 16×9 enhanced edition in Germany that should earn the film a few more fans. The disc features English and German audio tracks, but unlike some European releases, the German subtitles are not forced when the English audio is selected. The extras consist of the German trailer (under the title Freibeuter Des Todes) and – one of the more interesting items we’ve seen in a while – the 8mm filmstrip version! We vividly remember the ads for these in the back of Fangoria, back in the 70s and early 80s and it’s fascinating to finally see one (particularly for the choices made in editing – the 8mm versions never ran over a half hour).

7 din 10, 3 1/2 din 5

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