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Sitges 2012, editia 45 !

Plec acum la Sitges, in Catalunya, la cel mai mare festival de film fanstaric, acum a 45-a editie. Imi doream de mult, acum s-a intimplat. Voi posta pe feeder si aici, si va voi spune cum stau spaniolii cu horrorul si lumea buna a filmului fantastic asisderea.
Am plecat si ajutat de prietenii de la Golem Studios, carora le multumesc (v. dreapta banner/link ce fac ei).
iata spotul festivalului:

si situl

lineup Sitges pentru lamuriri:
The annual rendezvous for fantastic film lovers, the Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, is almost here and its line-up is ready. The Festival, to be held from the 4th to the 14th of October, has closed a wide-ranging list of movies with a renewed commitment to the genre that identifies it and which, this year, arrives with the shadow of the end of the world threatening us from its poster. The new conceptual and formal ways of conjugating the fantastic universe are the common denominator of the final selection, where peculiar ways of tackling horror or science fiction are emphasized, like found footage, an aesthetic and conceptual tendency that will be seen in films like V/H/S, Area 407 or The Bay, all three present in different sections of the Festival.

Among the novelties at this year’s Festival, which will open with the world premiere of the Catalan production The Body –by debut director Oriol Paulo and starring José Coronado, Belén Rueda and Hugo Silva– is the outstanding European premiere of Looper, the Festival’s closing film, with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the leads in a futuristic thriller wherea group of hit men travel in time. Directed by Rian Johnson (winner of the award for best debut director in Sitges for Brick), the movie opened the most recent Toronto film festival making a spectacular impact on critics and spectators. Two other movies that were also big hits at the Canadian festival will have their European premiere this year in Sitges, Martín McDonagh’s Seven Psycopaths (starring Colín Farrell and Christopher Walken) or Eli Roth’s production Aftershock, directed by the Chilean Nicolás López.

The restored version of the Steven Spielberg classic, E.T., is yet another must see film at Sitges 2012, and will be shown at the Phenomena screening on Sunday October 7th, celebrating both Universal’s 100 year anniversary and 30 years since the premiere of the popular odyssey of the alien lost on planet Earth. Tim Burton’s universe will be arriving at the Festival on Wednesday October 10th with the screening of his latest film, Frankenweenie, in a premiere that will be screened almost simultaneously with the European premiere that will be taking place in London. It is a moving story of friendship between a boy and his dog, made using the stop-motion (frame by frame) animation technique and in 3D. Another cult director, the metal musician cum director Rob Zombie, will be presenting his latest creation, The Lords of Salem, an oneiric film full of nightmares and hallucinations. Antiviral, Brandon Cronenberg’s debut, recent winner of the award for best Canadian first feature film at the Toronto Festival, will also be a part of Sitges 2012’s line-up. The young filmmaker will be sharing in the Festival with another Sitges lover, his father David with his eagerly-awaited Cosmópolis.

Other filmmakers with a solid career, like Kim Ki-Duk –brilliant winner of the Golden Lion Award in Venice with Pietà, that we will see at the Festival–, Takeshi Kitano, Alain Resnais, Takashi Miike or Dario Argento make up a team of directors who will be screening their latest productions at the Festival. Sitges will also be presenting works by new genre talents like Rodney Ascher,Ben Wheatley, Pascal Laugier, Colin Trevorrow or Jennifer Lynch.

Catalan and Spanish productions will also have a prominent role at Sitges 2012. Twelve films, nine of which are Catalan, will be on the official lineup, including, besides The Body, other premieres like Insensibles (Juan Carlos Medina), El Bosc (Òscar Aibar), Animals (Marçal Forés), Lo imposible (J. A. Bayona), Dancing Dogs (Anna Nemyrovych), El peix Sebastiano (Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca) or Vida en sombras (Lorenzo Llobet-Gràcia).

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