joi, 11 octombrie 2012

Sitges 45: The Tall Man

Pascal Laugier la al treilea film, The Tall Man

, dupa Saint Ange (filmat in Romania) si Martyrs (pe care l-am dat la Light in Bohemian Mondays movielight in 2010), primul de limba engleza si cu aspect mult mai comercial, dar un film cald, cu suflet si cu un twist care-l face moral si care m-a convins definitiv ca este un regizor care aime les femmes si nu un machist.
Jessica Biel este o doctorita intr-un orasel saracit american miner, Cold Rock, unde dispar copii si legenda urbana zice ca ii ia the tall man (titlul spaniol, hombre de los sombres)...
a duc la conferinta sa de presa...
communique festival:
Sitges’ most loyal audiences will undoubtedly remember the name Pascal Laugier as the director who shook up the Festival in 2008 with his controversial Martyrs. The French filmmaker returns to Sitges today presenting The Tall Man, a film which leaves extreme violence aside and delves deep into ancestral fears. "I wanted to explore modern myths while not giving exact answers, but talking about present society and social classes," Laugier said at the press conference. The film, starring Jessica Biel, revolves around child disappearanc es and a mysterious superhuman character. Laugier announced a future collaboration with Dario Argento and denounced the French press’ bias against genre movies.

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