miercuri, 10 octombrie 2012

Sitges 45: Chained

Chained Noul film al Jennifer-ei Lynch,un dur si fioros psycho thriller cu one twist too many. Mai mult spre Haneke si varul sau austriac Michael, si destul de arthouse ca sa fi fost in selectie la Cannes. N-o fi fost gata ? Vincent D´Onofrio e excelent si mega-freaky in rolul unui serial killer taximetrist, si filmul este despre relatia sa cu baiatul pe cre-l tine captiv in casa si pe care-l denumeste Rabbit. Filmat digital, pe Alexa, cu atmofera de Lynch (acele lustre speciale si lumina lor spectrala), dar si cadre de Malick. Un actor de descoperit, Eamon Farren !!! Posibil in Palmares !
dupa press release-ul festivalului:
Jennifer Lynch, the big winner at Sitges 2008 with Surveillance, touched down in Sitges with her latest film Chained under her arm. The director admitted that winning best feature film at the Festival four years ago was "the greatest honor" she has ever received. The movie explores the character of serial killer: "I was intensely fascinated with the character of a human monster and stolen childhood," said Lynch. Chained got the green light from the director’s father, David Lynch who, according to her humorous account, said: "So you like really scary movies, huh? This is a good one!". The shocking story of a kidnapping that lasts for years has impressed critics and audiences all over. Lynch defends a type of violence that, far from being "fun or sexy", stirs up viewers and "makes them feel bad, like when you get food poisoning."

Cu Jennifer, dupa proiectia la Auditori, cind i-am zis ca e un film puternic si ea a zis ca vrea sa vina in Romania :) foto de AC (kinosseur)

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