duminică, 19 decembrie 2010

& even more Beefheart

There was a time, awhile back, when Bono - from U2 - had heard that Captain Beefheart was living in a trailer in the desert. My guess is that the guy assumed that Don - like so many eclectic players before him - was near destitute, and therefore - felt sorry for him. Sorry enough as it seems, to have extended an invitation...

So he sent him a letter and said “Captain Beefheart, if you’d like to come perform on our tour or open up or play a few dates with us - we’d be very proud - I want to write with you”... and Don writes back: “Dear Bongo, I don’t know who you are or what you want from me but don’t call me again.”

"The stars are matter. We are matter. But it doesn't matter."

--Don Van Vliet

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