miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010

John Lennon memorial azi

John Lennon a murit azi, acum 30 de ani. Impuscat in fata cladirii Dakota din New York. Ar fi avut AZI 70 de ani.

live 1972, Madison Square Garden

si de pe allmusic:
To mark the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, fans are gathering at New York City's Strawberry Fields memorial park to honor the late Beatle's legacy. Fans have come together to sing his songs and leave flowers on a mural based on his song "Imagine." Lennon was shot to death on December 8th, 1980, by deranged gunman Mark David Chapman. [Billboard.com]

Rolling Stone is set to publish a never before seen interview with John Lennon from December 5th, 1980. Although excerpts from the interview between writer Jonathan Cott and Lennon have already been published, Cott never fully transcribed the entire nine-hour interview until earlier this year. You can read the full transcript in the next issue of Rolling Stone out this Friday. [RollingStone.com]

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